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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we are taking additional steps to protect participants and carry out our mission in a responsible and thoughtful manner. We are committed to minimizing any exposure to or transmission of COVID-19. We will adhere to national, state, and local guidelines. To do so, we need total cooperation from parents and players. Below you will see some of the steps we are taking, and also what we are asking of parents and players. As this pandemic continues to evolve, and as additional information or guidance becomes available, these guidelines may be updated. Please carefully review these guidelines – the greatest WIN we can all achieve is staying healthy and defeating COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 Commitment

1. Separated Entry/Departure: Players will enter the main door at the Score Sports Center (8300 Wolf) and will exit on the front side door (south of the front door). 

2. Temperature Checks: Temperatures will be taken upon arrival.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be allowed to enter.

3. Hand Sanitizing: Players will use hand sanitizer before and after each LockDown session. (LockDown will provide sanitizer on site.)

4. Masks: Players will wear masks in and out of the facility.  The Score WILL NOT let individuals enter without a mask.

5. Coaches Mask: All coaches and instructors will wear masks when within 6 feet of players.

6. Assigned Pod of Players: Each player will remain in the same assigned pod of players the entire session. 

7. Water: Bring and use your own water bottle marked with your name.  (Water fountain is closed.)

8.  Basketball: Bring your own basketball marked with your name.  WE WILL NOT BE SUPPLYING ANY BASKETBALLS. 

9. Player Contact: No high fiving or handshakes with other players or coaches.

10. Departure: Players must leave the facility immediately after the session.

11. Spectator Viewing: No spectators or guests are allowed in the facility at any time. 

Your Commitment to Others

1. Player Health: If your player has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is under quarantine due to potential exposure to COVID-19, or is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and has not yet been cleared by his or her healthcare provider to return to practice, please keep them home.

2. Travel: If your player has, within the prior 14 days, traveled on an airplane, been on a cruise, or has been in any location categorized as Level 3 by the CDC (, please keep them at home.

3. Notification of Illness: If within 14 days of being present at a LockDown practice or event, you or a member of your household are diagnosed with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 that cannot be attributable to another health condition, please promptly notify us. LockDown may notify others that an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 was present at such practice or event, but will not disclose the identity of any infected individual without the consent of that individual or his or her parent.

4. Guidelines: Players and parents will adhere to all LockDown guidelines, as well as any safety instruction from LockDown personnel.

5  Communicate: Talk to your son or daughter before each training session and explain the importance of following these mandatory instructions.

Anyone who fails to follow these and any other requirements may be asked to withdraw from the program.


Temperature check & hand sanitizing

Per the Illinois youth sports COVID 19 guidelines, we are allowed to INTRA-SQUAD scrimmage with parental consent. Therefore, we will take additional precautions for the scrimmages.

1. Players Mask: All players will wear a mask when they are not on the court, playing or warming up.

2. Parents:  No parents will be allowed to watch scrimmages.

3. Coaches: All coaches will wear a mask if they are within 6 feet of a player.

4. Game Ball: The game ball will be sanitized before and after scrimmages.

5. Sportsmanship: Teams will not shake hands after the game.